The Michael Valet

The Michael Valet has multiple shirt and jacket hangers, a draping bar and a personal accessories and/or ring dish.

Born from a clients desire for her husband to have a place other than the floor to throw his things, Michael, turns slobs into saints with a place to put just about anything a man, or woman, could be tempted to toss on the ground. This classic piece was reimagined within the midcentury inspired stylings of our Rian Collection making for a piece that is not just functional, but beautiful in any setting.  Begin and end each day with a ritual that will not only bring joy to your significant others life, but perhaps cut you some slack in the process.

  • Any domestic or exotic hardwood
  • Danish cord comes in Kraft (natural), Black and White
  • Made-to-order and fully customizable
  • Lifetime warranty 
  • Lead time 10 - 12 weeks

24"D x 12"W x 48"H

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